Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trust is a Beautiful Thing

A beautiful thing happened this week at Agility class. 

Juno trusted me. 

She trusted me to lead her safely and into no harm.  
She trusted me so much that she willingly ran into something 
that she would probably never had done alone. 

I was touched. I was honored. 

To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.” - George MacDonald

So many people fret about whether their pets love them or not. 
Spoiling them, fawning over them. 
Becoming upset when their dear pet runs away from home. 
But I thought he loved me! Why would he leave?

Some people believe that to receive the love 
of these wondrous creatures of ours is 
the greatest joy of all.

I disagree.

I have felt love. 
I have felt the love and adoration of many creatures,
but it will never compare to earning the trust of another being.

"Learning to trust is one of life's most difficult tasks." - Isaac Watts

Animals give us their love for free.
They give us their love and ask nothing in turn.
They give love to those that do not deserve it.
But the reserve their trust for those that earn it.

This week at agility Juno was faced with a difficult decision.
You see, I asked her run into a tunnel that was so curved,
all she could see when looking is was a tunnel wall.

I asked her this after just barely convincing her to run through a straight tunnel.
I asked her this without any introduction to the new obstacle.
I asked, and she trusted.

Juno began to run into the tunnel as I ran by 
but then realized there was no light at the end.
She stopped and pulled her head out,
watching me continue to run away from her.

Those few seconds were filled with a heavy decision.
The tunnel was dark, there was no end in sight.
I was running ahead, expecting to meet Juno at the end.

Juno thought about running around to meet me at the end.
She had done that before to avoid going in the straight tunnel.
But then she looked back into the tunnel that I asked her to run into.
Could it really be that bad?

It was only a few seconds but it seemed like forever 
as Juno looked at me, then looked at the tunnel.

To me.

To the tunnel.



Me or tunnel.

The decision was made.
Juno ducked her head and ran with full confidence into the darkness.
She trusted my decision. 

Would I ever lead her into harm?
She has doubted me much in the past, 
But today she decided that I was worth her trust.
I was worth her trust which is worth much more than her love.

I have had her love for a long time,
But to earn her trust is a triumph in it's own.

A beautiful thing happened this week at Agility class. 

Juno trusted me. 

And I couldn't ask for more.

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